/Tannika Wilson
London based graphic designer with textile design background. Thorough investigation and interesting observations I work in combination with my textile design background to experiment with process and techniques.
Canvas to brick

Dulwich Street Art has created a thriving artistic community. In 2012, Ingrid Beazley commissioned and arranged a one of a kind collaboration project. Working together with street artist Stik, they both created project Street Art, Fine Art in Dulwich.

Street artists from around the world dominated the streets in Dulwich as part of a 2 year collaboration project with Dulwich Picture Gallery. The murals are an extension of the 400 year old paintings in the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Murals of spraypaint are found on walls, pavements and rooftops.

Fast forward 5 years later where are we now?
Murals are being defaced, stolen and removed.

Canvas to Brick is my book in response to Ingrid Beazley death in 2017. Inspired by her book Street Art Fine Art, I used the map from the book as a reference point. I want to show the value of street art within the community because outdoor space is completely undervalued.

This is my journey, capturing the current state and conditions of the murals. This is my experience.

Auction cards and stickers

These murals came to Dulwich for free and are valued highly profitable in a gallery. However, a gallery shouldn’t be the only space people can appreciate and view Street Art?

I used auction cards and stickers to reinforce the high value of these murals. In the art market, street art is sold for thousands of pounds or even more. I believe it is the duty of the community to appreciate these valuable pieces in the streets. Only the most damaged or defaced pieces have auction cards and stickers. The red dots will represent the artwork as sold.

At a later date I returned to the stickers location where I placed them. Only one still remained which was the lot 3. The location of the other 3 stickers is still unknown.

Material type- art, die, no more, too much

Based on the quote ‘Art does not die because there is no more art. It dies because there is too much' by Jean Baudrillard, Philosopher, 1996.

Art is a commodity through ‘artistic’ and ‘symbolic’ values and not comparable to any other commodity in society. I made a connection between the materials and the process with the keyword from the quote with a behaviour. All this enhances the meaning of my quote further through experimentation. It explores the relationship between language and meaning.

Industry Practice

I have a background in Textile design. The project is about using the techniques and methods used by those in the textile industry. I designed a series of typographic patterns from punctuation on fabric using batik/ screen printing.

Punctuation is becoming disconnected from online text based communications such as text talk/speech/messaging and chat abbreviations. I want to visually represent these symbols that are currently uncommonly used online. Though exploring punctuation marks and other typographic symbols, I created a series of patterns consisting of four categories. Punctuation marks, textual marks, mathematics & computing and miscellaneous marks.