/Maisy Budgen
During my time at LCC, I have been very much led by research and topics, letting this naturally drive the medium. However I generally favour film. These final projects have been an amalgamation of what I have learnt here.

Brick Encoded

Starting by deconstructing a brick, I explored the often overlooked composition of these objects; focusing on materials and natural formings. I used the pattern discovered when smashing the brick to create an algorithm which I then followed using the deconstructed components of the brick to create putty.
The once durable and rigid brick transforms into something weak and pliable.


A video documentary following women in the modern workplace portraying the everyday incidents of sexism involved in low paid, long hour bar work.

Voyeur Visual Summary

Documenting the real occurrences happening to women at work, this book features conversations with women and research into the treatment they receive.

Brick Encoded Visual Summary

Documenting the process of analysing the brick and creating the putty.