/Seungwan Cho (Kalvin)
Seungwan (Kalvin) is specialised in digital graphic, which are online platform Branding, 3 dimensional video making, UI and UX. He trained and learnt about the way to express the ideas he think about when he was in South Korea. Could make the depth of creative thinking about modern digital graphic through having educational experience in London. He always dreamed about becoming a connection maker between modern technology and the contemporary people through his talents. Therefore, he focused on the effectiveness and usability of functioning technology, had continuous experimentation of adapting to these elements just to find his own area to dig in for innovation.

The common problem of existing online shop is the limit of product realisation just because most of them just photograph the item from random distance. Therefore, scale imagery of product was not clearly transmitted. Also the colour of product in the photograph can be shown in a various way depending on the brightness of the studio light.

The final outcome of my project is basically the platform for those of people who are unavailable to have physical item delivery. Through the revolution of 3D Printing and Scanning technology, many types of materials are became available to be printed even from outside of the Earth.

Digitalisation, realisation and materialisation of existing physical item for sale is the general platform composition of this project. Customers can virtually experience items from the app by scale, colour imagery and usability check. Customers can own item through purchasing, saving (download) and printing (materialise) the item.